Portfolio [Commissioned Work]

My most amusing recent project was to create an abstract painting that incorporated the Texas state flag. As you know, the flag is red, white and blue. The house in which this would hang is in citrus tones - apricot, avocado, blue, lime, and a touch of yellow. Okay. . .

Those colors and flag colors are not even friends! The flag was not to be too obvious and necessarily abstracted as the father-in-law, as a loyal Oklahoman, doesn’t like Texas. I had my work cut out for me. I adore the young couple in whose home this painting would hang; the wife commissioning it as a surprise gift for her husband. In wrapping my head around this, I painted two so they would have a choice. Fortunately they liked them both so much, one hangs at home, and one in his office. I giggled throughout this project and pictured is what my paintbrush made me do:



"Yellow makes me smile." - Joy Richardson.